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For couples who are still able to communicate with each other, Mediation offers a viable alternative to the confrontational experience of litigation. In addition to the time and expense involved in going to court, litigation gives a judge the power to make decisions for you. With Mediation, you and your spouse/partner make decisions regarding your particular needs.


As Mediator, the Law Offices of Sarah A. Intelligator holds a neutral position, taking into consideration both parties perspectives on issues, such as marital property division, child custody and support. The Law Offices of Sarah A. Intelligator will explain California law and offer suggestions on how to come to decisions that will meet both of your needs. If child custody is an issue, The Law Offices of Sarah A. Intelligator will explore the options, always making the welfare of children the top priority.


The Mediation process typically takes a few to several sessions. Once mutually satisfying agreements are reached, the Law Offices of Sarah A. Intelligator will complete all court documents necessary to make them legally binding.


Mediation expedites consensus and agreement. When differences are resolved amicably, it increases the possibility of maintaining good relations after the divorce, which is particularly important when children are involved.


For challenging issues, such as domestic violence, child abuse, mental illness or substance abuse, Mediation is typically not an appropriate choice.


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