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In over thirty years of therapy with couples, helping many of them try to make a relationship work that they probably shouldn’t have been in to begin with, I have seen but not put labels to the patterns that Sarah Intelligator describes in her excellent book Live, Laugh, Find True Love. What she helps readers with is spot-on, and while it’s true when she writes that ‘you won’t like what you are about to read, the book will nonetheless save readers many years of pain and disappointment. This book should be required reading for anyone looking to date or consider a committed

relationship, to go in with eyes open and a clear mind.”
—Dr. Sarah Salzman (formerly, Dr. Sarah Rattray),

                                  founder of the Couples Communication Institute

                                  and certified  Gottman Institute couples and

                                   relationship counselor

Sarah has the gift of giving comforting, wise, holistic advice that empowers and brings a much-needed hope to the relationship journey.”
                             —Caitlin Crosby, singer, songwriter, actress, TedX

                                 speaker, founder of the Giving Keys, and an Oprah

                                 SuperSoul100 visionary and influential leader

Everyone looking for their ‘person’ (or looking for love) should read this book. It’s packed with inspirational and life-changing content to ensure you will never settle again and shows that you deserve a healthy and happy relationship, and Sarah helps you get there! . . . This book is
about knowing what’s best for you and sticking with it. It is empowering, inspirational, and packed with powerful tools to help you on your journey to a healthy, fun, fulfilling, and forever relationship. Sarah teaches you how to trust yourself and your intuition which, to me, is the most  priceless gift you can give yourself.

                              —Jaime Bronstein, LCSW, author of MAN*ifesting:

                                 A Step-By-Step Guide to Attracting the Love That

                                  Is Meant for You and host of Love Talk Live

As a couples therapist, these six ‘F Words’ are keys to learning about yourself on so many levels to be able to be  not just successful in your relationships, but thrive for many years with depth, love, and fulfillment. . . This book is inspiring, insightful, and in your face with truth and realness from an amazing perspective and behind the scenes viewpoint of the ugliness of relationships to help shine a light on the beauty of what a relationship can be.
                                 —Eli Weinstein, LCSW, private practice therapist

As a certified divorce & relationship decision coach, I encounter the aftermath of crumbling marriages daily. This book, presented through Sarah Intelligator’s discerning lens as a divorce attorney, is a beacon of hope for struggling couples. Packed with invaluable insights and wisdom, it serves as a lifeline to keep relationships alive and thriving in the midst of struggle. It reframes how couples can navigate challenges by identifying and breaking unhealthy patterns that get in the way of establishing and maintaining a healthy connection. If you’re on the brink of marital breakdown or seeking to find lasting love, prepare to be enlightened and transformed!
                                 —Cindy Stibbard, certified divorce & relationship

                                     decision coach, founder of Divorce ReDefined,

                                     host of Divorce ReDefined: Changing the

                                     Experience of Divorce podcast

Whether you are divorced or looking to remarry, you have been in-and-out of failed relationships, you are uncertain about an existing relationship or you are simply prepared to ditch the single life . . .Whether you are gay, trans, nonbinary, straight . . .Whatever your race, gender, religion or sexual identity or orientation—this book is for you.Most relationship guides are written by therapists who base their advice on success stories. This is not that book. This is not your average relationship book. This book emerged from failure and offers a unique and fresh perspective. (Think, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” except the albatross is Zsa Zsa Gabor).Written by a divorce attorney with more than twenty years’ experience, this book works backwards, scrutinizing and dissecting the reasons relationships go wrong, to help you find the right relationship.In working with thousands of divorcing couples, author Sarah Intelligator, has distilled several unmistakable patterns among failed relationships. She has reduced these patterns into six categories, “F-Words”: Fundamental Values, Fear, Foundation, Fixing, Fairy Tale, and Family. This book will teach you to recognize and avoid these predictable patterns in your own search for a life partner, so that you may find a fulfilling and enduring relationship.Throughout the course of this book, you will be guided on an introspective journey of deep self-reflection. You will come out the other side not only with a more solid understanding of what you want in a relationship, but how to go about finding a partner best suited for you, because you deserve to love and be loved in a healthy way.



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