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Divorces (Dissolutions) in California fall into 3 categories:


1. Summary Dissolution: When the parties are married for less than 5 years, own no real estate together, agree on the division of their community (acquired during the marriage) assets and debts (the latter not exceeding $6,000.00), have no children and own less than $40,000.00 in property acquired during the marriage, they may qualify for Summary Dissolution. There is no court appearance required for this type of divorce.


2. Uncontested Dissolution: The parties to a divorce proceeding agree on parenting plan, division of community property and debt and other issues, their uncontested divorce, too, may be handled without either one of them ever appearing before a judge. The Law offices of Sarah A. Intelligator always encourages clients to set aside their anger and other negative emotions towards the other party in an attempt to resolve the issues without seeking court orders. This approach is not only more cost-effective, but it provides the parties with some control over the outcome, as opposed to having a judge rule on such important issues as who will have the right to make decisions regarding their child's health, education, medical treatment, with which parent the child will reside, etc., not to mention the division of property and debt and the amount and duration of spousal support (alimony).


3. Contested Divorce: In contrast to the previous two, when the parties cannot agree on one, several or any of the issues in their divorce, they will need to ask the court to make orders to resolve their differences, which may range from custody or their children and visitation schedules, amount of child and spousal support, the right to remain in the family residence during the pendency of divorce, and, ultimately, the final division of community property and debt. When peaceful resolution becomes impossible, the Law Offices of Sarah A. Intelligator is prepared and able to aggressively and zealously represent your rights in court.

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