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Sarah is the author of "Live, Laugh, Find True Love: A Step-By-Step Guide to Dating and Finding a Meaningful Relationship, By a Divorce Attorney".

Raised by a mother who has practiced Family Law for almost thirty years, and still practices, Sarah feels as though she has been exposed to the issues Family Law practitioners encounter on a daily basis, her entire life. 


Sarah graduated from UCLA, cum laude, with a Bachelor of Arts, in English.  She received a Juris Doctorate, from Southwestern Law School, in Los Angeles.


In her first year of law school, Sarah earned the coveted title of First Place Oralist in Southwestern Law School's Intramural Moot Court Competition.  Not only was this achievement a product of her extreme diligence and dedication, but also a testament to her strong skills as an advocate.  Through this experience, Sarah learned that she truly had a passion for litigation.


In addition, while attending Southwestern Law School, in Los Angeles, Sarah clerked for the District Attorney, which provided her with a solid Criminal Law background as well. 


Practicing exclusively Family Law since 2008, Sarah worked for the Law Offices of Rosaline L. Zukerman, APC, for five years, prior to opening her own practice.


Sarah recognizes that Family Law litigation is highly emotional and deeply personal, and she is dedicated to striking that delicate balance between zealous advocacy and empathy.  The practice of Family Law is unique.  Family Law litigants transcend any socio-economic, race or gender classifications.  Divorce, domestic violence, and issues concerning child custody affect everyone equally.  Sarah appreciates that her clients are people, who, for the most part, have never been involved in any litigation, going through what is, arguably, the most difficult time in their lives--often being asked to support two households on an income that previously supported only one.  To that end, it is important to Sarah to keep her rates reasonable, as compared to other Family Law practitioners, in order to make legal representation as accessible as possible.


Sarah has also been a yoga instructor since 2000. Sarah incorporates her experience as an instructor into her lawyering style. Teaching has enabled Sarah to maintain calm even under the most rigorous of pressures.  It has provided her with the invaluable opportunity to command the respect and attention of any group of individuals she addresses, and it is her nurturing nature that gravitated her, both, to teaching and to the practice of, specifically, Family Law.


Sarah is committed to getting you and your family through this process as quickly and painlessly as possible, and she looks forward to meeting and working with you.


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